Elena Eustache : Evaluates Brain Waves in Creating Treatment Plans

Elena Eustache located in the Century Plaza Towers at Century Park East in Los Angeles, California, the Eustache Institute of Dr. Elena Eustache focuses on the healing powers of Neurofeedback. A non-invasive treatment, Neurofeedback utilizes the signals produced by brain waves to customize a treatment plan for patients,helping them self-regulate their brain function to restore balance.

Neurofeedback promotes the healing of a balanced brain to restore the patient’s own ability to eliminate the traumas, fears and phobias, as well as injuries which plague them. Energy levels begin to increase and successful patients experience healthful and healing sleep. The result is more creativity, heightened abilities to handle projects and tasks and more happiness in everyday life.

Elena Eustache

The Eustache Institute of Elena Eustache utilizes the measurement of brave waves in the practice if Neurofeedback to analyze each individual patient’s brain function. The ultimate goal is to restore balanced brain function through increased brain capacity. Elena Eustache works to help patients find wellness through the use of their whole brains, restoring health, memory, intellectual skills and greater life productivity.

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About drelenaeustache

Elena Eustache is a multi-talented comedienne. Elena Eustache offers counseling services that help people with their relationships, to understand themselves better, to learn to love and the concepts of positive thinking.
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