Elena Eustache : Counsels From the Emotive Behavioral Therapy Philosophy

Elena Eustache rational Emotive Behavior therapy, Rational Behavior therapy and Rational Living therapy all use aspects of the stoicism philosophy of thought. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy coach Elena Eustache does not tell people how they should feel.

Instead, Elena Eustache approach is to emphasize it is what an individual does with their feelings, whether they take positive action or positive inaction which makes the difference in outcomes. Elena Eustache also emphasizes that we can either accept the inevitability of undesirable situations with calm and logic, or we can add another problem-being upset about it. Read Full Post….


About drelenaeustache

Elena Eustache is a multi-talented comedienne. Elena Eustache offers counseling services that help people with their relationships, to understand themselves better, to learn to love and the concepts of positive thinking.
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