Neurofeedback Therapist Elena Eustache Also Coaches Behavior Modification

The Eustache Institute of Elena Eustache strives to enable patients to take charge of their lives and live out their dreams through their restored energy. Elena Eustache as a specialist in Neurofeedback Therapy through her study of Psychology and Cognitive Behavior therapy, Dr. Elena Eustache has experience coaching patients in behavior modification.

Elena Eustache trains a variety of age levels and personalities from all walks of life at her unique Eustache Institute in the Century Plaza Towers at Central Park East in Los Angeles. Neurofeedback therapy has proven to be efficacious in treating the ailments of children and adults, professional athletes and CEOs, stars, celebrities and politicians. Even attorneys and doctors seek the brain balance and improved lives manifested by Neurofeedback therapy.

Elena Eustache has acquired a specialization of therapy for professional athletes, especially National Football League competitors who have incurred concussions and brain injuries.

Dr. Elena Eustache is also a professionally trained love and relationship expert. As a relationship coach who brings her reputation as an Encyclopedia of Love to bear in assisting couples, Elena Eustache helps broken hearts heal.

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Elena Eustache : Evaluates Brain Waves in Creating Treatment Plans

Elena Eustache located in the Century Plaza Towers at Century Park East in Los Angeles, California, the Eustache Institute of Dr. Elena Eustache focuses on the healing powers of Neurofeedback. A non-invasive treatment, Neurofeedback utilizes the signals produced by brain waves to customize a treatment plan for patients,helping them self-regulate their brain function to restore balance.

Neurofeedback promotes the healing of a balanced brain to restore the patient’s own ability to eliminate the traumas, fears and phobias, as well as injuries which plague them. Energy levels begin to increase and successful patients experience healthful and healing sleep. The result is more creativity, heightened abilities to handle projects and tasks and more happiness in everyday life.

Elena Eustache

The Eustache Institute of Elena Eustache utilizes the measurement of brave waves in the practice if Neurofeedback to analyze each individual patient’s brain function. The ultimate goal is to restore balanced brain function through increased brain capacity. Elena Eustache works to help patients find wellness through the use of their whole brains, restoring health, memory, intellectual skills and greater life productivity.

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Elena Eustache : Counsels From the Emotive Behavioral Therapy Philosophy

Elena Eustache rational Emotive Behavior therapy, Rational Behavior therapy and Rational Living therapy all use aspects of the stoicism philosophy of thought. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy coach Elena Eustache does not tell people how they should feel.

Instead, Elena Eustache approach is to emphasize it is what an individual does with their feelings, whether they take positive action or positive inaction which makes the difference in outcomes. Elena Eustache also emphasizes that we can either accept the inevitability of undesirable situations with calm and logic, or we can add another problem-being upset about it. Read Full Post….

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Elena Eustache : Strives for Brain and Body Balance

The guiding light of Dr. Elena Eustache’s Eustache Institute is the belief that the brain is the control center of the body and the mind and once balanced, the body and mind follow the brain’s orientation.

The website of the Eustache Institute of Elena Eustache contains a wealth of information in the practice and success of Neurofeedback. There, the Institute records the results of recent studies which indicate that 95% of pain and disease has an emotional source. The Institute believes that when emotions are not balanced in the individual, bodies are not balanced either.

Elena Eustache

A very important factor in the training and balance of the brain is the nutrition and exercise of the body. With age the brain can become depleted of its natural energies and suffer reduced function. Neurofeedback therapy, through the restoration of healthy nutrition and the exercise of the body, helps the brain replenish itself. Healthier balance and function results in the erasure of trauma, baggage and negativity from healthy thoughts and actions. Read Full Post….

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Elena Eustache : LoveTheApp Success

Elena Eustache, also known as the Encyclopedia of Love, is a relationship expert and television show host who wears many hats. From author to neurotherapy specialist, Elena Eustache passionately fills every role. LoveTheApp is her most exciting venture yet.

“Throughout my life and career,” wrote Elena Eustache, “I have often witnessed the tears and broken hearts of many clients, friends and the world. As a person who longs to help the suffering of others, I began to contemplate ways in which I could help mend the pain of others.”

Elena Eustache

LoveTheApp is for those who are tired of casual dating and swiping left or right on hundreds of “perfect matches.” It is uniquely designed to help those seeking true commitment through monogamy, marriage and family to find their soulmates. Multiple people have already shared their stories of finding love with LoveTheApp, with many more to come.

To learn more about Elena Eustache’s LoveTheApp and start looking for your soulmate today.

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Elena Eustache : Tune in to Love

Elena Eustache is the host of the Dr. Elena Eustache Show, and her expertise as a relationship specialist has earned her the unofficial title of “The Encyclopedia of Love.” Elena Eustache has helped countless people find love and each person’s story inspires her to do more to bring love to the world. Writing books, creating a dating platform and creating a romantic comedy television series are just some of the ways that she has done this.

Elena Eustache

On the Elena Eustache Show, she offers insights, sometimes from the lips of celebrities, on maintaining healthy relationships. From discussing the foundation of good marriages to helping people decide if they’ve found the one, it’s all covered.

If you’d like to hear Dr. Elena Eustache weight in on love you can also follow her at

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Elena Eustache : Uniting Soulmates

Elena Eustache is a successful relationship expert who has coached and counseled countless clients in finding their true love. From everyday people to celebrities and royalty, Elena Eustache is seen all walks of life in her office.

Elena Eustache

My husband Konstantin and I met 10 years ago,” reads one success story. Elena Eustache was a confidant to him and a catalyst for us finding our way back together. There are times when all that is needed is a little help and the right advice. Elena Eustache guidance and coaching helped us realize the amazing relationship we have and quenched our fears . This month, June 05, 2017 we will be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary, but 10 years of LOVE.

LoveTheApp is one of many ways that Elena Eustache is bringing soulmates together, creating success stories like the one featured above. Visit lovetheapp for more information about how the innovative LoveTheApp platform could help you find your soulmate.

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